Covid 19 precautions as of July 19th 2020

Volunteers are now back working on site, as are allotment holders, but all are socially distancing (2m) as a sensible precaution.   The coronavirus is still a serious health issue and the Walled Garden volunteers and allotment holders are observing the latest government guidelines.

Members of the general public are welcome on site but should be aware that there is currently no access either to the toilets, to the bothy catering facilities or to the Head Gardener’s House.   Visitors are requested to follow current government guidelines, to maintain a safe distance from other site users and to be aware of the needs of others.    Many of the volunteers, allotment holders and visitors to the garden fall within the vulnerable category, so visitors who may not consider themselves to be at risk must be aware that there will be other site users who may not feel as confident or as secure as they may do.   Please be considerate to others at all times.

At this point, it is not felt to be necessary to wear face masks.   However, please be aware that there will be many people using site over long periods of time and so there will be many surfaces touched (and possibly contaminated) by visitors and volunteers on site.   It may therefore be wise to carry hand sanitiser and/or gloves.