The Future of the Elford Walled Garden

  • The Elford Walled Garden project is approaching the end of its first 10 yr plan. Work so far has mostly been concerned with the creation of the community asset which we now all enjoy following construction works across the site repairing, restoring and creating the facility we now have.
  • Almost all objectives originally set have been hit or bettered and the project’s success is widely recognised. The charity is currently sound financially. The project is blessed with a committed team of volunteers whose continued efforts have created the asset of which we can all be proud.
  • Over the next 10 years, the Trustees feel that the Project will be moving towards a period of consolidation of what has already been achieved when the general upkeep of the site will be a priority. There will still be a need to raise funds to cover running costs and to cover expenditure on any new ideas.
  • The Trustees would like to set out a strategic plan for the direction the project will take over the next 10 years and would like to involve as many people as possible in the process leading to the formulation of this strategic plan. The Trustees would like to encourage villagers to take the up the opportunity to contribute to this planning phase.
  • The Trustees realise that a wide range of opinion about the value of the walled garden will exist within the local area. Whilst the walled garden is generally an asset to the village and the villagers, as with all things, some people may think it also has negative impacts.
  • Therefore, Trustees would like to encourage villagers to have some input into how the garden might develop in the future and to give villagers more involvement in how ‘their’ walled garden is likely to develop.
  • The Trustees plan to work towards a 10 year strategic plan for the Walled Garden. Over the coming months, to achieve this, Trustees intend to hold a series of small group discussions with interested parties and to gather ideas and opinions through a village questionnaire to every household and to all ‘Friends of the Walled Garden’ to help them formulate this strategic plan.   This will hopefully throw up fresh ideas and involve the whole village more fully in future developments at the Walled Garden.
  • There is an opportunity for interested parties to become trustees of the Elford Hall Garden Project and so help guide the project on its journey forward.   This is not an onerous task and simply involves attendance at 6 meetings a year.   Some trustees have specific roles (eg chairman, secretary, treasurer) while other trustees have no particular portfolio.   If you would like further information then please indicate this on the questionnaire below.
Name Address
Email (in case we want to follow up some of your comments)
1.      Are you currently a paid up Friend of the Walled Garden? YES/NO
2.     Are you a resident of Elford ? YES/NO
3.     How often do you visit the Walled Garden? Occasionally/often/rarely/never
4.     What activities do you undertake when you visit the Walled Garden?


5.     Do you attend specific or special events at the Walled Garden?                    YES/NO

If YES, please give details


6.     Have you ever volunteered at the Walled Garden?                      YES/NO

If YES please give details

7.     What do you see as the positive benefits of the Walled Garden?


8.     What do you see as the negative impacts of the Walled Garden?


9.     How would you like to see the Walled Garden developing in the future?


10.   To what extent would you like to be involved in future developments?   Please tick all that apply

a)     No involvement at all

b)     I’m happy to complete the questionnaire

c)     I’d like to take part in group discussions about the strategic plan

d)     I’d consider volunteering

e)     I’d like to become a Friend of the Walled Garden

f)     I’d consider becoming a Trustee

Please return your completed questionnaire to the Parish Council post box at the village hall or to the collection box in the Crown or to the suggestions /donations box by the gardener’s house at the walled garden or electronically via email to by the end of May 2017